Turkey, Mar 1, 2023 – Today, iWire Global announced the establishment of its newest subsidiary, Una-IoT, the exclusive operator of the 0G Network, powered by Sigfox 0G technology, in Turkey.

Una-IoT was established as a venture between iWire Global and IoT NET Bilisim, a Turkish firm specialized in the field of IoT services and solutions based out of Ankara. This move is expected to fuel the growth of the IoT sector in Turkey to meet the growing market demands for massive IoT solutions including smart utility metering, logistics, smart cities and assets management.

iWire Global, a UAE-based company operating out its DIFC offices, is focused on setting up regional operations across the Middle East and Africa territory by providing a complete ecosystem of LPWAN solutions and services for massive deployment of IoT use cases.

Through its new Turkish subsidiary, Una-IoT, iWire Global is aiming to extend this coverage to Turkey through a variety of aspects of the IoT life cycle including device sensors, LPWAN connectivity and security, and intelligent platforms integrated with deep analytics.

Collectively, this ecosystem will provide clients the data insights they need to run their business operations more efficiently. The legal advice to setup the new venture was provided by the counsels at Heuvels Uras out of their main offices in Istanbul.